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Beautiful Michigan Sunset in Luddington

The Great Lakes lifestyle is a year-round adventure. Our breathtaking region offers four distinct seasons, and each one has a voice that calls us to celebrate life: skis' cutting a perfect line through a fresh blanket of winter snow, the spring birds' singing on the links and along the trails, the soothing rhythm of summer waves as they rush toward the shore, a fall fire that crackles as we sip cider from the mill. Great Lakes Living is more than just activities. It's the bond we share with our families, our friends and our community.

Our mission here at Great Lakes Living is to provide quality apparel at reasonable prices. We trust that our products reflect the pride we all share in the Great Lakes region and help you promote it while you are Great Lakes Living through every wonderful season.

Sick Pike caught on Lake St. Claire

Phill Fougere – The Prez

Favorite food: pizza, grilled steak & BBQ

Favorite movie: Red Dawn (the original)

Favorite TV show: Alone

Hobbies: coaching & playing soccer

Favorite Great Lakes Living activities: fishing,  boating, alpine skiing & golfing

Favorite Great Lake: Michigan

Phill is a very active guy who loves his family and enjoys life to the fullest. He works for Amrock in Detroit as a Business Intelligence Data Analyst. When not at work, Phill can usually be found coaching soccer at Bethany Christian School in Troy, Michigan, where he has coached the boys' varsity team since 2004. Phill, along with his wife Candace and their two girls Kaylen and Kenzie, lives in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. They take every opportunity they can to enjoy Great Lakes Living. It was Phill’s idea to start the company, and he really hopes you like it because, if not, this has been one big waste of time.


mark davis – the mover & shaker


Favorite food: anything that comes off a grill

Favorite movie genre: action/adventure

Favorite TV show: Shark Tank

Favorite Great Lakes Living activities: golfing & watching Michigan football

Favorite Great Lakes destination: Traverse City

An agent with Michigan Community Insurance, Mark spend his days (and a lot of evenings, actually) protecting the world from the aftermath of mishap, malady and disaster. Otherwise, he's Great Lakes Living it up with his family. During the summer, he hits the links while his wife trains for Detroit's international half marathon. (Kim doesn't golf, and Mark's marathon prep consists of mapping out the best coney spots along the course to hit while he cheers her to the finish. It's a great partnership.) Winter and spring mean coaching basketball and soccer. And in the fall? He's watching Michigan football with their son, Joe. Go, Blue!

Live the Great Lakes Life

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